Window Treatments That Bring Light into Dark Rooms in Your Raleigh Home

Blake Jarman

Simply letting sunlight into a poorly lit room offers a lot of advantages. From reducing your home energy costs as a result of less usage of electric lighting to boosting your outlook in stressful times, increasing the sunlight shining into a poorly lit room in the home can make it seem brighter and in many instances, larger.

Luckily, you can choose from a variety of window coverings that will increase the amount of natural light coming into a dimly lit room. Here are a few ideas that can lighten up any dark room in your Raleigh home. 

Plantation Shutters Liven Any Room With Style 

Polywood shutters in a sitting room
Polywood® Plantation shutters are a wonderful option when it comes to bringing more sunlight into a dimly lit room. These efficient plantation shutters can transform your home by introducing a refined touch while simultaneously decreasing your energy costs. The Polywood shutter is offered in a few classic finishes—white, off-white, and bright white, all of which will liven any dimly lit room. You can lift the louvers just a bit or raise them completely; in any case, you can choose just how much natural light is entering your home. 

Sheer Shades Offer Versatility When It Comes To Light Control

Sheer shade in a high rise apartment

If it’s versatile light control you want, with Sunburst’s sheer shades it’s versatile light control you get. These one-of-a-kind window shades are made of soft fabric panels are designed to work much like a fabric shutter. Lower them all the way for utmost privacy or raise them and let the sunshine in. Either way, light control is the greatest advantage of this soft alternative to shutters, which adds complete functionality and subtle beauty inside any poorly lit room. 

Custom-crafted Interior Sliding Door Shutters Give Light Control To Your Patio Doors

Plantation shutters on sliding doors

If it’s an impact that you’re wanting, then you should consider how custom-crafted142 interior sliding door shutters can provide a captivating effect anybody can appreciate. With their appealing looks, lasting durability, and total ease of use, our sliding door shutters can transform your doors into the classic, bright focal point of any dark room.

This type of shutters offers both privacy and light control in addition to preventing any heat from coming through the glass, which make them the perfect buy for anyone who prioritizes both comfort and convenience. Generally, sliding doors hidden behind closed vertical blinds.


Lighten Your Home With Sunburst Shutters

Do you need to bring light into a dark room in your home? Sunburst Shutters Raleigh is eager to assist you. We have a wide variety of window coverings that give you the control you want over the sunlight shining into your Raleigh home. Examine your options and find out how new window treatments can add a little extra light in your home! Call us at 919-887-9198 or fill out the contact form below to book a free in-home or virtual consultation.