Modern Window Treatment Ideas For Raleigh

Modern design leans on neutral color palettes, minimalism, function, and organic elements. For the best impression, every component in a space must follow the modern aesthetic -- with no exceptions for your window treatments. Interior shutters, roller shades, and woven fiber shades all work as modern window treatment ideas in Raleigh. You can utilize them to gain more light, nature, and convenience to your modern design scheme.

 Plantation shutters in a Raleigh dining room.

Brighten Up Your Modern Rooms With Classic Plantation Shutters

The modern look leverages ample natural light, but there are times when you still want some privacy. Elegant plantation shutters are an excellent modern window treatment idea for Raleigh designers who need a balance between both. You can swing open your shutter panels when you need natural light and a clear view, or keep the panels closed and angle down the louvers for complete privacy. When you would like a balance of the two, angle the louvers just a bit for a limited view and directed natural light.

Interior shutters are available in several colors to match every color palette found in modern decor. Use classic white faux wood plantation shutters in rooms with neutral color schemes or quality wood shutters for a more natural touch. The rows of louvers on interior shutters create a striking texture for modern rooms that may otherwise lack variety. Choose wide louvers in lieu of more common narrow ones for a bold, updated design and the best view. You can even select a hidden tilt rod to stick with the sleek sensibilities.

Woven shutters in a Raleigh dining room.

Install Eco-friendly Bamboo and Woven Fiber Shades

Like many homeowners, you would like modern window treatment ideas in Raleigh that are classy but organic. Woven fiber shades follow contemporary trends in interior design. They are made of rattan, reeds, jute, eco-friendly bamboo, and other materials that bring a clean, natural piece to your home. Their inviting earthy hues match well with modern decor styles, and the way sunlight passes through the woven materials blurs the space between indoors and outdoors.

For extra flair and privacy, combine woven shades with curtains. Or use them as your primary window treatment if you would rather have minimalism. The amount of sunlight that flows through the shades varies on the fibers and weave you choose, letting you cast a multitude of moods.

Motorized roller shades in a dining room.

Get Motorized Motorized Roller Shades For The Ultimate Convenience

Modern homes keep things simple in layout and function. You can experience the modern lifestyle with automated motorized roller shades.

Whereas standard motorized shades work with a handheld remote, you can open and close modern motorized shades with a mobile app or smart assistant. Or program them to draw at a specific time. You can your shades wide open on weekday mornings with your alarm but stay lowered on vacation days for sleeping in. Or program your shades to cover the windows during the afternoon to stave off the sun from overheating your house.

While most window shades are available in motorized styles, roller shades are made with aspects that let the be suited for the modern aesthetic. Their thin profile and defined lines fit minimalist looks effortlessly. They come in numerous hues, so you can adhere to a neutral color palate or add a splash of color to pair with the neutral tones in modern rooms.

Need More Modern Window Treatment Ideas In Raleigh?

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