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How To Install Window Blinds In Raleigh

June 13, 2024

Many Raleigh families turn to window blinds when they need more privacy and control over daylight in their properties. They’re a practical and budget-friendly window treatment. They also require just a few steps to attach for experienced DIYers. However, nothing is better than hiring a qualified window treatment installer. Here are the essential steps of installing window blinds and when to phone the professionals to handle it for you.

Get Measurements And Mark Everything Accurately

Wood blinds on two bathroom windows

Prior to starting, determine if you want inside-mount blinds or outside-mount. This vital detail will let you know where to measure. Measure the depth, height, and width inside your frame for inside-mount options. For outside-mount blinds, measure the height and width of your window, which includes the trim, and add three inches to every measurement to ensure proper coverage. Measure precisely–refrain from rounding up or down. Ill-fitting blinds will not work correctly.

Shop For Blinds

When you get your dimensions, you are ready to choose your blinds. You may already know what style of blinds you wish to have. Get blinds that equal your measurements as closely as possible. Off-the-rack blinds might not fit perfectly, either sticking out too much or not meeting the window edge completely. Ensure you get fasteners that allow you to attach the blinds at the appropriate depth, too. You’ll need to go with tailor-made blinds and hardware for a perfect fit.

Install Your Window Blinds

Close-up view of inside-mount wood blinds

Your blinds might be accompanied by instructions. Use them to affix your particular product. If you wish to have a sample of how hard it is to install window blinds in Raleigh, here is a summary of basic steps to provide a better idea.


Inside Mount Blinds


  1. Affix a bracket at the top of the window’s frame approximately one inch from the side. Make sure this placement won’t hinder the blind’s operating mechanisms. Indicate the bracket holes using a pencil.
  2. Drill pilot holes in the indicated areas.
  3. Situate the bracket holes over your holes and drill in the screws.
  4. Redo these initial three steps for the second bracket.
  5. Pop the end caps onto the top rail of your blinds. Slide the headrail into the brackets.

Connect the tilt wand and test. Additionally, test the pull cord.

Outside Mount Blinds

  1. Figure out if you’re installing on the wall around the window or the window trim. Hold the headrail in place and make sure the blind reaches the bottom edge of the window.
  2. Mark the outer edges of the headrail.
  3. Measure four inches from both headrail marks and mark holes for the brackets.
  4. Drill pilot holes in the proper spots.
  5. Situate the brackets with the drilled holes and attach with screws.
  6. Position the headrail into the brackets.

Connect the tilt wand and try out everything to ensure it works.

Opt For The Simplest Way To Install Blinds 

Brown faux wood blinds in a white dining room

Just a reminder, you don’t have to do blinds yourself. The most effortless way to install window blinds in Raleigh is to employ a professional window treatment installer. They will guide you at every step. They’ll help you select blinds that accommodate your requirements, make precise measurements for a made-to-order product, and put them up for you. They do this daily, so they’ll do it efficiently and precisely. They will diagnose any issues without wasting hours searching for help online. A window treatment specialist will also have better-quality blinds than online or box stores.

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