Minimalist Window Coverings For A Minimalist Design In Raleigh

Blake Jarman

Minimalist design provides a pared down harmony to a space through crisp lines, unassuming colors, and non-cluttered spaces. The goal is to strip down your connection to unimportant personal items, furniture, and side items until you’ve simplified everything to the essentials. When you only surround yourself with functional, simple items, you create a serene environment where you can live simply without distraction.

Needless to say, light is important in a minimalist design. By bringing in natural light through your windows, you make the room seem larger and get a tranquility that’s tough -- if not impossible -- to have with artificial light. And with the practical nature of minimalism, you should use window treatments that block both sun glare and noise. A good deal of minimalists in Raleigh rely on plantation shutters or sheer cellular shades rather than large curtains or drapes.

Plantation Shutters Are Perfect In A Minimalist Design

White shutters in a minimalist bedroom in Raleigh. 

When looking at minimalist window treatments, look for the clean lines and multi-use practicality of plantation shutters. Style-wise, they fit snugly within the window opening without rolls of fabric or unmanageable cords hanging down. This creates an uncluttered look, where your treatments are lying flush with the walls.

Plantation shutters are known to be practical, which is the other benchmark of a minimalist space. While outside light is fundamental for minimalists, unchecked sunlight can bring headaches like glare and privacy concerns. With plantation shutters, just lift the louvers when the glare hurts your eyes until you have guided the glare somewhere else. You can even close them all the way to block outside light to get the energy-efficiency benefits.

Reclaimed wood shutters next to brick wall. 

There are a few plantation shutter styles that can enhance your minimalist decor. For an eco-friendly option, you might try shutters made from reclaimed wood. These have the same level of quality of a wood or faux wood plantation shutter but they bring in a environmental element to your windows. If you are looking for a more energy-efficient window covering, may want to use our Polywood® shutter. These faux-wood treatments come in three different shades of white, can be easily dusted, and are some of the most energy-efficient window coverings you will find.

Alternative Window Coverings For Minimalism

While some homeowners may pick plantation shutters for their design needs, there are some non-shutter window treatments you can try:

Cellular shades in a minimalistic apartment.
  • Sheer cellular shades: Cell shades hang close to the window and are available in different colors and patterns. Some minimalist designs call for sheer cellular shades so you can have spaces filled with indirect light.

  • Barn door shutters: A barn door uses an overhead track, completely shutting off the window or door frame. As each treatment is just one large panel, barn door shutters are made for a minimalistic design.

  • Panel tracks: Panel tracks also use an above track and feature floor length panels that overlap as they cover the window. These window treatments are great at covering a sliding glass door or acting as a easy room divider that can separate off areas when needed.

What To Stay Away From In Your Minimalist Design

White shutters in Raleigh dining room. 

There’s a lot of different window treatments that embrace minimalist design, but then again there are popular treatments that just won’t work. Don’t look at cumbersome treatments like drapes, as they will disturb the minimalistic style of the surrounding environment. Curtains or layered window treatments should also be shunned for the same issues. Ornate treatments will have your decor look uneven, with your focus pointing to the window treatments.

Blinds are also a poor treatment. There are situations where a blind works well with the essential lifestyle, but that’s if they are of high quality. The main problem is that they bang and sway against the window, upending your need for serenity. And any broken slats or cumbersome cords from a cheap blind makes your windows feel old and unkempt.

Sunburst Can Help You Find Your Window Coverings For Minimalist Design

When you pare down your space to the essentials, look to Sunburst to guide you to the optimal window treatments for your minimalist design. We will bring samples to your home and show you our selection of Polywood and reclaimed wood plantation shutters, and some additional treatments that are perfect for minimalism. Just call 919-887-9198 or fill out the form below.