Heat-Reducing Shutters and Other Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Blake Jarman
Raleigh living room interior shutters
Summer is just around the bend. And while many folks were longing for summer weather way back in February, some may not be ready for the summer heat.

But you shouldn’t sweat it, Sunburst Shutters Raleigh has a few pointers to help you beat the heat when the mercury starts rising, from heat-blocking shutters to ways to reduce the strain on your AC unit.

Interior Shutters Block Summer Heat

The path most of that miserable summer heat takes to get into your house is through your windows. By putting in window treatments designed to block temperature flow, such as plantation shutters, you can make a huge dent in how hot your home gets. Just take a look!

Heat-Blocking Shutters in Raleigh
The science doesn’t lie: Polywood® plantation shutters are proven to block up to 45% of the thermal energy that comes in through your windows. In some homes, that can mean up to a 30 degree difference in temperature! Keep the shutters closed during the day to block the sunlight and heat, then open them during the evening to let the cooler night air flow through your house.
Chic sunroom with interior shutters

Keep in mind that energy efficiency isn’t just good during the summer months. If you’re asking the same questions about how to survive the cold once winter comes around, plantation shutters might be your perfect solution.

Up Your Energy Efficiency

Great window insulators like shutters can up your energy efficiency, but there’s a lot more you can do. By doing some of these smaller jobs, you can decrease your home’s energy waste, which can lead to higher temperatures indoors:

  • Double check that your AC ducts are sealed and insulated properly. In addition, replace your air filter every 4-6 weeks to keep your system in great form.

  • Toss out your old wasteful incandescent light bulbs. With LED bulbs or CFL lamps, you’ll reduce the heat radiated by your light bulbs without reducing brightness.

  • If some of your appliances are pretty old, consider swapping them out with newer, more efficient ones. Certain appliances like your stove, furnace, and water heater contribute to a good chunk of the heat your home generates.

Other Ways To Remain Cool During The Raleigh Heat

Although these simpler projects might not dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency, they’re still effective ways to keep cool when the mercury rises:

  • Check that your ceiling fans are going counter-clockwise, so that the cold air is pushed downward. If your fans are turning clockwise, find the small switch on the fan’s body that reverses the blades’ direction.

Raleigh sunroom with fan and shutters

  • Look into running a dehumidifier, especially in areas that you spend the most time during the day. Decreased humidity makes it easier for your AC system to cool your home, and dryer air tends to be cooler on the skin.

  • For homes that have a lot of south-facing windows without shutters covering them, consider installing a canopy or awning to block out the relentless sun’s rays from pouring down on them.

Let Us Help You Beat The Heat

Sunburst has helped North Carolinians treat their windows for years, so we’re experts in what it takes to keep cool in the summer. If you’d like to last through the season without a sweat, give us a ring at 919-887-9198 today or fill out our free consultation form below. Working together we can beat the heat and have a great Raleigh summer.